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After my initial launch of The Lucid Lush™ Art Haus in late November 2018, I went on a yearlong hiatus, diving deeper into my art studies and considering my long term goals as I transition back into my fine art as a focal point for this next chapter, after having focused more on working in design this past decade since leaving the gallery I was working with ten years ago.

It’s been a heavy learning curve for me to build this site, with a lot of troubleshooting, and I’m happy to finally have it to the point where it’s design and functionality are up to par with the needs and vision that I have.  I want to offer a clean, comfortable space where people can find out more about my artwork, my art practice, and shop confidently for a work that is unique and speaks to them on a personal level.


fine art charcoal nude female drawing by artist brianna lamar 2019

Life Drawing Sketch in Charcoal, Brianna Lamar 2019.



I’m a visual romantic, but a tactile one as well, and physical product has always enthralled me.  Perhaps that is the Taurus in me, in love with  the depth of beauty of a stone whose mineral composition emanates an experience that is visual, tactile and textural, as well as aromatic, with a particular temperature, and weight, with etchings and patinas from the passage of time and the weatherings of the environment.  A felt experience through all of the senses.  The natural world birthed the language of my inner daydreams, and transcribing those poetic whispers and thunderous roars into the physical materials of inks, paints and charcoals upon fibrous papers and canvas, with brushes or carved rubbers and woods, shaped sticks, pencils and more…..is a gift my soul desires to give, to those who are nourished and enlivened by such multi-dimensional sensory form, as I am.


Gathering Spring Ink Abstract modern dream Art by artist brianna lamar 2008

Gathering Spring, Ink on Paper, Brianna Lamar 2008.


If you are a treasure hunter like me, then I hope you follow along on my journey here as I dig deep within to excavate my personal gemstones of vision and craft them into physical formation.

All my work here is for the fine art collector, whether shopping for your first piece or your hundredth, or simply perusing images for inspiration.  I offer archival, limited-editions and originals for sale.

You may follow along my artistic journey through this blog and my social media links in the side column.  Thank you for opening space for me to share my inspiration with you!  I wish you many blessings and a magical lucid lush™ experience for this new era of the 2020s!!!

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