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: the inspiration :

My work explores the primal essence of beauty through a distillation of structure. Enchanted by the raw impact of shape, line and color, serenaded by the visceral texture of pigments and materials, I dive into a dance with this fluid force of intuition, allowing a deeply felt inner sense and vision to reveal itself.

Symbolically, my work often leads me into an exploration of the essence of the divine feminine spirit, structural portals into the inner dimensions of consciousness, and the captivating beauty of the natural world.

: the style :

Modern – Classical – Spatial – Fluid – Structural – Raw – Rooted – Elegant – Lush

: the fine art + design haus :

My name is Brianna Lamar (pronounced Bree-AH-nuh) and I am a fine artist and designer from Ojai, CA. Welcome to my Fine Art + Design Haus where you can shop my archival-quality original and limited edition fine art and designer collections as well as get a peek inside my artistic practice and follow along my journey via my blog.  To view a portfolio of my archived work and read my full cv/bio please visit briannalamar.com.

This is me in my Ojai Art & Design Gallery, October 15, 2016. (open weekends from March 2016 – March 2017).  Photo by Mariana Schulze.

ink cat art painting by brianna lamar

And a special endnote about one of my favorite muses, my magical fluff beast,

Mufasa, who inspires, amuses and delights me every day, especially when he

snuggles up on my sketchbook.  #catloverforever

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