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1. What kind of mediums do you work in?

I work in traditional printmaking, drawing, water-based mediums on paper and oil on canvas.  I use fine quality and archival materials.  I aim to produce work that will last for centuries if well-cared for.

2. Can you create a custom work of art for me?

In general I do not take commissions, however I may be open to special projects to create a variation of my own work.  Email me and let me know exactly what the project is:  haus@briannalamar.com

3. What are limited edition prints?

Limited Edition prints are produced in a limited number and are signed and numbered by myself, the artist.  Once the edition is done, no more will ever be produced.  If a second edition is created, it will be different in some way, such as a different color or color-combination.

Traditional forms of printmaking are where the artwork is directly printed by hand, with or without a press.  Currently, I primarily produce relief block prints made from linoleum or wood that I carve by hand.  Because the print is created by hand, there are apt to be unique qualities found in each print, particularly with how the paper takes the ink.  In traditional printmaking each print is the original, and a defined quantity is produced.

Inkjet printing, sometimes referred to as giclée, is printed from a digital image with dye-based inks that have a high-degree of lightfastness, onto archival paper.  This type of print is a high-quality representational copy of an original work of art that was digitized.

All of my prints come with a certificate of authenticity which provides an important record of the details of the artwork as well as additional proof (authentication) that the artwork was made by me.  This is helpful to have if at some point you decide to transfer or sell the artwork.

4. How do I care for and display the artwork?

If you are going to frame the artwork, select a mat that is of archival quality, and glass that offers some UV protection if possible.  Consult with your local framer.  If you frame it yourself, be sure to only use a small piece of tape at the very top of the artwork to secure it to the base board or back of the cut out mat if you have one and ideally you should invest in a roll of archival (acid-free) photo/art tape for this purpose.  If you purchase a print with a mat from me, this is how the art will be attached so it will already be done for you!   If you are going to store the artwork, it is ideal to store it flat and in an archival box or encase it in some archival tissue, paper or a plastic sleeve.  All my work is packaged in an archival plastic sleeve. In damp or muggy climates be sure to store the artwork in a manner that keeps it dry to prevent mold.

If you display the artwork it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight and in warm or full-spectrum, soft and diffused light to preserve the color over time.  From personal observation and research I would advise against fluorescent and led lighting and instead recommend diffused natural daylight, tungsten and halogen (a form of tungsten) lighting.  There are a variety of approaches and opinions however.  Chromalux full spectrum bulbs appear to be the most balanced lighting from what I have found, so I would recommend these for your artwork and for your own general health and well-being.

5. What is your shipping & return policy?

All artwork is shipped via USPS, in an archival plastic sleeve and flat paperboard mailer or box, with signature confirmation.  You must be present at time of delivery to sign for your package.  Shipping Insurance is required to be purchased separately for cart subtotals above $50 (before tax).  For cart subtotals of $50 or less, shipping insurance is included in the shipping fee.

If item arrives damaged, a claim will be filed for reimbursement.  I cannot guarantee that a refund will be issued.  If item is missing, I will contact USPS to try to track down your package.  I am not able to issue a refund for lost or stolen artwork.  I will not be held liable for anything that occurs to your order once it is shipped, however I will do everything I can to support the safe delivery of your order and resolve any issues that have arisen during the shipping and delivery process.

Returns or exchanges of artwork are not accepted.  I am available for any questions or concerns that you may have before purchasing, so please do not hesitate to reach out and I will respond to you asap.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently I am accepting good old fashioned check by mail.  You can also pay me via ACH direct deposit through Zelle.  Most banks offer Zelle.  It’s easy to setup you just have to associate it with an email.  Put your email in the order notes and I will send you a request, direct from my bank to yours!

6. How do I contact you?

You can email me at haus@briannalamar.com

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