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  After my initial launch of The Lucid Lush™ Art Haus in late November 2018, I went on a yearlong hiatus, diving deeper into my art studies and considering my long term goals as I transition back into my fine art as a focal point for this next chapter, after having focused more on working in design this past decade since leaving the gallery I was working with ten years ago. It's been a heavy learning curve for me to build this site, with a lot of troubleshooting, and I'm happy to finally have it to the point where it's design and functionality are up to par with the needs and vision that I have.  I want to offer a clean, comfortable space where people can find out more about my artwork, my art practice, and shop confidently for a work that is unique and speaks to them on a personal level.  

fine art charcoal nude female drawing by artist brianna lamar 2019

Life Drawing Sketch in Charcoal, Brianna Lamar 2019.

    I'm a visual romantic, but a tactile one as well, and physical product has always enthralled me.  Perhaps that is the Taurus in me, in love with

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