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Art is without words.



Art, in the core sense of the word ie: visual works of creative expression, not in the broadened metaphorical or adjective use of the word.

This is what I love about it.  I do not think art needs words, and if art needs words, it is not truly art.  Art is a direct language of it’s own.

We need words, however.  We need words to describe things, to communicate sensory experiences, to catalogue our thoughts and map out our world.  Words bind life into little boxes, but words can also open up those boxes and reveal a new vision, path, direction.

I need art and I need words.  I do not need words to describe art, although I may use them, carefully, to amplify rather than compact the visual communication, or to provide the essential context minimally necessary, or I may use them in tandem for intuitive expression.

lucid lush art infinity


I need art.


I need words.


Two branches of communication.  Two forms of expression.  Two channels of transmission, discovery, exploration and expression.

For poetry, for philosophy, for mapping out my world, my path, my future, my history…..I need words.

For my process.

And what, might I have to offer, but for decades of thinking, speaking, reflecting, inquiring, wondering, listening, learning, questioning, revealing…..to no clear purpose nor package nor offering…nor desire to speak externally….but for an unrelenting drum beating within me?

I am not a seller.

I am a lover.

A lover of Truth, of Beauty, of Spirit, of Nature, of Smiles, of everything everything everything emanating from the pure soul of expression within and all around me so blessed to see.

A passion, igniting joy as deep as the rage that inflames with the witness of purity’s corruption and the demolition of the sacred through acts of violation, subjugation, manipulation and lies beyond confusion.

A never-ending quest to reconcile – honor the darklight – transcend into wisdom and balance – purge out the vile and liberate the good.

To the ones out in the wild at home in the reverberations of the earth – foreigners to society – seeking solace from the noise – finding sanctuary within the temple of your own authenticity and not the validation of public accolades, group attention and mob-thinking —–>


I dream of incarnating as a lizard – and living among the rocks – and lying in the sun – for a moment in between this dynamic, beautiful, intense and chaotic experience of humaning here in this timespace thread of existence.


red rock desert snake study in gouache


You need art, you need words, you need sunlight’s warming grace and silent space away from the flashing LEDs of attention-seeking programming and concrete constructs of human-packing.


I speak to you as I speak as myself – the reverberation does not constitute validation – it confirms connection into the field – you are not an anomaly though a rarity – you and I are hidden in the backlands of the noise – but we are here, we exist.

And if you are not of this nature – perhaps you have been swept up into the fervor and are stumbling over to find forgotten parts of your inner self you left without knowing?  Everyone needs a sense of belonging.  But the only true belonging you can count on – is the one felt deep within your being – even if all else around you implores your self-abandonment, it is there for you.  The group, the other, the public, the fervor, the noise, the accolade, the trend – will always abandon you…..and at that point….you stumble over, and find yourself alone – with yourself.

How beautiful.

Now you must avoid the temptation of the return to noise….to jump on the gram, the tube, the tok and shout ‘hey look at me I am alone here….’

but I think that is not you, no, you wouldn’t land here.  But that is what’s out there.

And no bother, the noise exists as a giant river….and back here among the tributaries we explore and exchange, trade our precious treasures like gypsies….craftsmen and makers of goods, hunters and gatherers, story-tellers and scribes, musicians and warriors, artists and weavers.

Those are my thoughts for today.  Thank you for your authentic smile, gifts, joy, courage and perseverance to be you.

— x —



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