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December 2021

This past Summer I printed The Gateway Series, and I have yet to finalize my photos and video so that will be forthcoming....but while I was printing that edition a very strong visionary impulse of this sunlight edition came to me and I urgently felt the need to bring this print into manifestation.  After some delay, I printed the edition in November and just uploaded into my shop this past week.  Solis  is latin for sun/sunlight which is perfect because the dual meaning is precisely what was speaking to me.  The light of the sun as a transmitter of divine coding and information that we absorb directly through our eyes, skin and etheric mind-body was the deep-felt message that came forth and I am delighted at the result of this sacred geometric visual code structure that incites a sense of calibration and connection with the light of the sun and the essence of it as a gateway/portal of life.  I filmed the carving and printing process of this relief block print and have some photos from that filming to share a snapshot into my process of bringing Solis to life for you to enjoy!  You may also find these images in my PHOTOS section.  Read on to view the slideshow....