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Gate of Eschlaet


There are two relief prints in the Gateway Series which were hand-printed in June/July 2021.  The names and designs of these Visual Structural Gateways were channeled during the potent transitionary frequencies of 2020.  Each Gateway is an intuitively crafted harmonic structure that speaks to you directly through the beauty and balance of it’s spatial composition.


The Gateways are an invitation to listen within to the voice beyond words, to the presence of light witnessed by inner sight, and be guided forward through your own personalized passageway during this collective soul transition.


Title: Gate of Eschlaet

Size: 12″ x 18″

Color: Sand

Edition: 30


The Gate of Eschlaet (pronounced Esh’lāt̆ , like Esh-laydt) is a limited edtion of 30 prints plus one Artist Proof (shown) in the sand color.  Read below for more details about this artwork….

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The sand color is a soothing, balanced, neutral hue that looks beautiful on white walls accompanying furniture and decor made with natural materials such as wood, straw, stone and clay.    The soft texture and unique variation of each print due to the hand-printed process further adds to the natural beauty and relaxing feeling of the artwork.  Due to the nature of this process, each print truly is it’s own original artwork crafted to last for centuries.  I used luscious oil-based inks on archival cotton paper, signed, editioned and titled on the bottom in pencil and debossed by hand with my lucid lush™ symbol to further add to the quality, authentication and uniqueness of the artwork.  In addition, each print comes with an Artist Certificate of Authenticity, documenting the details of the print including the date and location of printing and certified by my signature in ink and gold-stamped seal.


This print is packaged with an archival foam board backing and placed in an archival plastic sleeve.  Both the print and the certificate are secured to the board at the top with archival linen tape which can be removed.  I recommend natural indirect light or full-spectrum halogen light for optimum lighting of any artwork.


All images and text are copyright Brianna Lamar.


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Dimensions 19 × 13 × .25 in
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